Stranger Danger? Not So Much.

Over the course of our lives we’re said to interact with over 80,000 people (according to a study done by Funders and Fathers). That’s a huge amount of people. Which gives us the opportunity to make impressions on others about twice a day. This seems like a small number, but it truly isn’t. These two opportunities serve as our calls to either brighten someones day or really not have an effect on them. The choice seems obvious, but we never think about the first one in tiny exchanges with people. Hebrews 13:2 says “Do not forget to show hospitality to strangers, for by so doing some people have shown hospitality to angels without knowing it.”. This is something that we should all keep in the back of our mind when questioning whether or not to start a quick conversation with the homeless man on the corner, or the person behind the counter of a fast food restaurant. As christians, we are called to be the ones who strike up conversations in what seems like the most awkward and toughest situations. So with that; go out, hold nothing back, and be a friend to the stranger!


Living Like You’re Loved

Being told you’re loved by a family member or friend is undeniably the one of the best feelings in the world. It gives you a sense of purpose, makes you feel appreciated, and most of the tie brightens your day. What if there was someone who loved your 24/7, someone who crafted you so beautifully that you cannot be replaced, someone who loved you at your lowest points after you’ve made more mistakes than what seems humanly possible? What if I told you there is someone like this? There is someone like this, and his name is Jesus. Almost every day when I get up I immediately think about my own flaws. Which gets in the way of me serving others to my fullest potential, but if my immediate thought was “God loves me no matter how frizzy my hair is” and “God cares for me at any size and weight” I could do a much better job giving others the love and encouragement they need to get through the day. So what does living like your loved mean? It means constantly being happy in the fact that you are loved and use that to impact those around you by showing them what being loved really looks like.

Why Wait?

Often times I think to myself ” I can’t wait to be in college where I’ll be so much better at serving the lord” or ” Once I’ve moved out I can go on so many mission trips to spread the word”, as if I can’t use my gifts right where I’m at. Which in fact, is not the case at all, God has put you where you are for a reason, because there’s no one who can serve better than you if you’re using the talents He’s put in you to your best ability. 1 Corinthians says that ” Each one should remain in the condition he was called”, in other words bloom where you are planted. This means that we DON’T have to go to college and we DON’T have to go across the country to spread the word. Which is a direct call to start now, if you can bloom right where you have been planted, why not? Go out. Spread the word. Right where you are.

Why Should I Be Unselfish?

When I woke up this morning I immediately started to scroll through social media and I came across a necklace that I’ve been wanting for quite a while. Of course, I sent it to my mom asking if I could get it because it was just THAT cute. fullsizeoutput_1a
Now normally, there isn’t a problem with this, but I hadn’t even seen my mom this morning, hadn’t even said good morning, but none of this crossed my mind before asking for something that I wanted. This didn’t cross my mind until I had finally gotten out of bed about two hours later to read a book that I read almost daily, Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis. Today the chapter that I read talked about being unselfish and not expecting more than you’re giving. Which is a great lesson to internalize because we’ve been taught it since the third grade but never really sit back to think about it. I could’ve easily been less selfish by saying “good morning” or “love ya!”, which seem like simple phrases, but they really make a difference. That’s all it takes sometimes, a small sentence of appreciation, to give just as much as you’re asking and be unselfish.

A Little About Myself

To Begin, my name is Kami Evans and I’m a 16 year old from Williamsburg, Virginia. I go to Jamestown High School and am a member of Williamsburg Community Chapel, which has shaped my life tremendously. There’s nothing more important to me than friends, family, and faith, so that’s exactly what these blogs will be about. As I’ve gotten older I have begun to understand the importance of living a spirit-led life instead of a head-led one. This is my blog where I’ll discuss how I’ve worked to become more devoted to my faith, help share tips on how to grow deeper in your faith, and journal about the cool things in life that I do.