Living In Your Strength, Showing Your Dignity

Proverbs 31:25 talks about the qualities of a godly woman. For the most part, this is what christian girls live out because this is what we’ve been taught in the church, but internalizing why we’ve been told to live this way is completely different. Strength is a word often associated with physical ability, but not in this context. Strength in this circumstance is Christ wanting us to live with perseverance, to never be weary when we go through troubled times, and to always stand upright even when that is the hardest thing to possibly do. As for living with dignity, the Webster definition is to have a sense of pride for oneself; self-respect. Self respect is the most important thing a girl can have because it shows in the way she outwardly projects self-love by the clothes she wears, the way she talks about others, and the friendships she keeps. As we go through a Godly life in a world that isn’t so Godly, we have to as ourselves, “What colors do I wear?”